What is Create Different?

Rob KingLaunch


To launch the new website I am going to feature a series of blogs on a few key themes at Deviate namely Creativity, Change and Different. In other words Create Different.

Firstly, what do we mean when we talk about Create Different?

Deviate helps people do things differently. Whether they are clients who might be bored/frustrated with how things are or that things might need changing. The status quo might be too, well, status quo!

Change and getting things done all begins with ideas, a voice from someone, somewhere that says let’s do this differently! Or, more usually, we NEED to do things differently!

Ultimately Creativity is about people and problem solving. The best ideas come from organisations that understand that’s what good creative business is about. It’s not about the latest this or that it’s fundamentally about people.

We work with the best creative minds going, we’re in the best city in the world for it – London. This city is the creative capital of the world and it leads the way on the global stage. Think of the best art, film, music and entertainment and The UK is always up there.

Deviate began with a single idea and that is to do things differently for our clients an understanding that you don’t want the norm.

We believe in changing the ways things are done for the better through the power of ideas.

We call this Create Different.