Utopia – Penny Woolcock

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UTOPIA A new summer installation in the Main Space at the Roundhouse, by Penny Woolcock with designs by BLOCK9.
Tuesday 4th - Sunday 23rd August

Photograph by David Levene

I recently had the chance to attend Utopia at The Roundhouse, the latest show by British artist Penny Woolcock. Deviate often works with leading artists to produce elements for our events and we also have clients from within the art world. And so, living in Camden it was a must see event.

Utopia was a powerful experience. Woolcock interviewed over 100 local, Camden residents and asked them to talk. About themselves.The show presents a challenging look at inequality in today’s society taking it’s title from Thomas More’s book Utopia. We attended one of the curated nights that added a layer of performance on top of an already immersive experience.

Woolcock partnered with Block 16 the artists who build the famous Glastonbury sets. The whole thing was pretty jaw dropping, from the giant temple of consumption to riot strewn streets and abandoned cars.

The night ended with Charlotte Church, now a prominent rights and equality campaigner, singing and reciting poetry on the merits of psycho-tropic exploration. It was unusual but nothing less than dazzling and punchy.

Here’s a link to the film Block 16 produced about the event:

Enjoy – Create Different.